We’re not an incubator or accelerator. We just really love to build companies.

It’s known that 61% of CEOs expect a startup competitor to disrupt their industry at any moment. That’s why we work together with corporations combining the best of both worlds, the corporate and the entrepreneurial, in order to create real innovation through new, grounded and scalable startups.

Sounds exciting, right?! And it actually is.

The ultimate model for innovation has arrived. Welcome to the Corporate Venture Building revolution.

Why we are different


Hey, we are Byld
Let’s get to know each other.


In Byld we design, validate and launch new ventures with corporations sharing risks and rewards from day one.


Our own methodology allows us to build ventures with our Liquid Building team: product, business and growth.


We are a bright team of entrepreneurs with a solid background in both the corporate and startup world.


Because corporations struggle to innovate while startups strive to survive (and accelerators are so 2015…).


Building it’s what we do
Let’s see some of our ventures.

Coca-Cola’s bottle is one of the most iconic things in the world. Yep, we worked on it.

A charging on-demand solution for electric vehicles with Porsche.

We created a new and fresh way to understand what you eat.

A data positioning solution for the HR world.

We designed a digital platform to fill in the gaps in the industrialized construction industry.

Legal marketplace for startups and investors.

Real food from local suppliers in a convenient way.

A solution to improve the shopping experience.

An amazing product to solve most of the cold chain logistics challenges.

A fun way to disconnect from digital devices and reconnect with yourself.

More coming soon…

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Real Estate
Alternative models in the housing sector 🏠

We recently carried out an online webinar in which we talked with real estate experts about the current landscape and trends of housing access. And how new models like coliving are disrupting the sector.
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Meet Pinya
Understanding food. Reinvented.

As a result of our collaboration with Carrefour and after identifying a huge opportunity, we both took on the challenge of developing an innovative, simple and entirely digital solution. Ooah!… a startup!

Go Pinya


Byld x Vodafone
2-Day challenging the tourism sector.

At the beginning of 2019, we had the opportunity to organize and moderate a workshop at Vodafone’s HQ in Madrid. Vodafone’s innovation model and digital transformation initiatives are top notch, and thus, they have become the strategic partners of many other companies who want to innovate.

On this occasion, Vodafone decided to gather some of the best companies of the travel sector in an ideation, collaboration and innovation session. To do that, they wanted to be guided by experts on these fields and in the development of new business models that start from scratch: us.

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Concept Sprint
Diverge to Converge.

In Byld, we #TrustTheProcess and we do it since the beginning. We know that working hard and deep in the problem discovery phase is the best recipe to achieve great solutions, those that will stick and solve real problems. And with Coca-Cola it wasn’t different.

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