We have created a new way of building businesses.

Over the years, we have developed a bulletproof methodology to identify, validate and launch new ventures, reducing risks.

We have created a new way of building businesses.

Over the years, we have developed a bulletproof methodology to identify, validate and launch new ventures, reducing risks.


Building ventures in a 3 phase process.

From opportunities to new ventures in less than 8 months. Our methodology, polished over many years and more than 10 ventures, help us minimize risks when creating new ventures.
2 to 12 weeks


From ideas to venture concepts in an all-time record. If you are not clear on the opportunity area, we will work together to uncover it. After that, we dive into understanding the problem, empathizing with the customer, and researching the market conditions, to best define opportunities to validate in the next phase.


We combine future scenarios with an internal analysis of the corporate strategy and business capabilities. Then, it’s time to decide the role the company wants to play in the future to design growth territories.

Innovation Mapping

We transform internal learnings into business and creative territories. This becomes the framework and starting point that allows us to identify a clear strategy, prioritize opportunities and build a complete innovation portfolio.


One of our masterpieces. We immerse ourselves in the problem and its market to identify opportunities and potential solutions. Then, we shape venture concepts that are ready for validation.

Growth territories
Market discovery
— Problem understanding
Validation plans
— Ventures concepts
Value proposition
Business model validation
Building plan
— Problem / Solution Fit
1 to 4 MONTHS


With a ‘get out of the building’ mindset, we transform value propositions into real businesses with real clients. Long story short: we do real validation with real people, building prototypes and running quick experiments to validate our hypotheses.

Validation Loops

With a user-oriented and market validation approach, we conduct several real experiments to validate the business model until we feel we’ve reduced the risk and are ready to build the venture.

Building Plan

Based on the knowledge and real-world validation that we get from the previous phase, we are ready to design a plan. We build a strong roadmap with all that is needed for a successful venture to launch: the financial plan, operating model, ideal team, funding strategy and more.

6 to 12 MONTHS


From marketing to product to business. We build the venture, the team and its culture from scratch, acting as hands-on co-founders and assuring its success.

Team creation

Thanks to our partnerships with different institutions and the network that we have developed over the years, we are able to build a top-notch team in record time (from the CEO to the rest of the team) all while shaping the company culture.

Interim Management

We reinforce and complement the dedicated management team, strengthening and supporting the direction of areas beginning to develop, such as the co-definition of the strategy and objectives, talent recruitment and culture definition.

Liquid Building

With a hands-on approach, we work in both the strategic and the operational level, adapting our internal resources and becoming part of the team filling the gaps wherever we are needed.

Company creation
Team formation
Product development
Interim management
Liquid building
— Product / Market Fit

We build the ventures of the future with leading corporations


We work as a liquid team.

Our interdisciplinary team works as a liquid building team, meaning that we cover specific roles alongside each project, assuring that we always adapt to every need and phase of the process.
We dedicate our resources through three building blocks: Business, Product, and Growth.


Our team has the perfect mix of strategy and pure entrepreneurship. We know how to ask questions, research and empathize with potential users, but we also love to execute and get our hands dirty to make things happen. Our business builders master the process of building a venture.


For us, product is everything. With people and partners focused on UX, UI, design, brand, prototypes & MVP development, we create products from the conceptualization phase to the “oh my god, that’s awesome” stage.


When it’s time to scale the venture, we know what we are doing. From content creation to customer acquisition, we take care of everything. Helping the new venture communicate their message, reach the right audience, and to acquire customers fast and at the best price, is our main commitment.

Take a look at some of our cases.

We created the best ultra-fast mobile charger in the world to make Electric Vehicles simple and convenient.

Creating a new renting experience through a self-management catalog tool for landlords and tenants.

We validated a new venture focused on creating a network of urban hubs to disrupt last mile logistics.