We are here to make things happen. Join us.

Together, we build the most amazing ventures from the ground up and have a lot of fun while doing it.

We are here to make things happen. Join us.

Together, we build the most amazing ventures from the ground up and have a lot of fun while doing it.

values and culture

Bringing things to life is what we do for a living. To cause a positive impact is what inspires us everyday.

Culture is one of those terms. People use it a lot. It’s pretty hard to define exactly what it is. But it’s something you feel and live.

Every morning we get up under the motto of making every day count, because we love what we do for living, and there’s no time to waste along the way.

We are givers.

We give first. Our limit is defined by what we deem fair and we strive to do the right thing in everything we do.

We are trustworthy.


We build trust with our stakeholders by acting and communicating with honesty and consistency. We’re crystal-clear, zero tricks.

We always deliver.


We challenge ourselves to go the extra mile to continuously improve what we do and how we do it, ensuring the consistent and timely delivery of outstanding results.

We are Byld.


Driven by relentless curiosity, we passionately build, embracing creativity and imagination. We put people first fostering genuine connections and find joy in our journey through humor and the strength of embracing vulnerability. We are, therefore we build.

We are down-to-earth.


We dream big while staying awake to swiftly adapt to each context and situation, building pragmatic yet impactful businesses.

We take risks.


We leave our skin in the game. With firm ambition, we fearlessly engage in every endeavor, always aiming to succeed.

We rock as a band.


Our passion for what we do ignites us to work as one team that shares ownership, productivity, and efficiency.

Want to join us? Check out our open positions.

There’s room at Byld for every talent—and talent from anywhere. We’d love for you to join us. Discover the right role for you.

Byld is much more than a job. With us, you will create amazing ventures together with the companies that lead the world.

Don’t stop reading! We are the fit for you if you’re also looking for:

A huge network within the corporate and the startup world.

Being part of amazing corporate with a global impact.

Freedom to learn and apply new technologies or methods to meet the needs of our projects.

A place to learn. We all want to learn everyday. That’s why we’ve developed a hard and soft skills development plan for all of our employees.

Being part of an international team that is either able to make cocido, prepare coffee or build the next unicorn.

Joining Byld is a no brainer

4 days working week (no Fridays)
Health insurance
Flexible retribution
Free birthdays
Hybrid work policy
Extra bonus based on OKRs
Offsite retreats