Why are we different?

Although corporations have the means, they also have difficulties to innovate quickly and decisively, given their size and excessive bureaucracy. On the other hand, startups are able to adapt and innovate much faster, but often see themselves limited by the resources available and lack of awareness.

However, where there is unity there is also strength. And that’s what we do. Byld’s model unites the speed, agility and culture of startups, capable of innovating in a fluid way, with the means and capacity of a corporation, whose credibility and stability are mostly assured.

To fulfill that purpose, we have built a completely different model for innovation and these are the 4 pillars that makes our model unique. It’s time for corporations and startups to create real and tangible innovation, together.

First, our model fits with corporations like no other.

Byld was born listening to the difficulties that companies have to innovate effectively. We eliminate the risk of innovative initiatives being killed by the corporation’s processes by doing it from the outside and taking advantage of the multiple resources it has to offer.

Being a joint investment, both the corporation and us work together to meet the same objectives; whether its achieving targeted KPIs or recurrence, we are committed to launch healthy and long-lasting ventures.

Through this model of mutual collaboration and full alignment, we work together, as partners, to obtain the greatest benefit from each investment.

We also share both risks and rewards from day one.

We are concerned about the viability of every innovation project we embark ourselves in. By co-investing and assuming part of the risk, instead of just charging fees, we demonstrate our long-term commitment.

Our work isn’t limited by the hours we’ve agreed on, we’re not a consultancy firm. We believe that’s not the ideal way to align interests and achieve our common goals.

Instead, we want to work together. Collaborate to design, validate and implement real and tangible innovation as hands-on co-founders sharing both risks and rewards from the very beginning.

Have you heard about the fast fish thing? Well, that’s us!

“In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.”

By externalising and functioning as an autonomous vehicle but yet strategically aligned to the corporation, we are able to move faster and surpass internal roadblocks.

Our model works in a high speed pace, through experimentation and validation in the real market, where it really matters. Everything is liquid and live, being flexible to extract the best out of each opportunity.

We also created a powerful and proven methodology, based on a user-centric and market validation approach by combining the best out of Lean Startup, Agile and Design Thinking. That’s all part of our DNA.

Last but not least, we have created a new model of entrepreneur.

New times require new profiles. And we understand them.

The ventures that Byld is looking to co-found are designed to attract a new type of entrepreneurs, those who, with or without having created their own company before, are able to lead the launch of a startup from scratch, without the need of having to focus in fundraising (we take care of that). This allows them to focus on what they are really passionate about: the business.

Ultimately, having Byld and the corporation as partners translates into a greater benefit and lower risks for the entrepreneur. We like to say that it’s like “being an entrepreneur but with a parachute”.