Byld exists to make a difference and to have fun while doing it.

We are builders. We love to build things from the ground up. This is our essence and it’s what we do everyday.

Our individual commitment towards the team’s goals is what drives us to make Byld a sustainable, profitable and scalable company that will shape the world we live in. Every morning we get up under the motto of making every day count, because we love what we do for living, and there’s no time to waste along the way.

Our end goal is to create a new model of entrepreneurship and innovation by combining startups’ agility and culture with corporations’ muscle and resources to build grounded and disruptive businesses.

Meet the team who makes it happen.

Our DNA combines the best of the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and our team incorporates this essence, with a solid academic background, coming from great companies and having created their own ventures or participated in great projects. All of this allows us to build real and scalable innovation. Don’t be shy, get to know us!
  • Adrián Heredia
    Adrián Heredia
  • Javier Marín
    Javier Marín
    Head of Partnerships
  • Carol Menezes
    Carol Menezes
    Head of Marketing & Business Design
  • Álvaro Ayllón
    Álvaro Ayllón
    Business Builder
  • Sara De Lorenzo
    Sara De Lorenzo
    Business Builder
  • Rochele Melo
    Rochele Melo
    Business Builder
  • Inés Mas
    Inés Mas
    Business Builder
  • Sergio Mínguez
    Sergio Mínguez
    Product Builder

Join our amazing team.

There’s room at Byld for every talent—and talent from almost everywhere. We’d love for you to join us. Discover the right role for you.