Byld exists to make a difference
And to have fun while doing it

We are builders. We help each other. We work hard. We are here to connect people to their inner champions and singularities to their fitting challenges. We are building a sustainable, profitable company that is built to scale into something meaningful for the world.


Why be a Bylder?

logo máscara

Community of singulars

We pride ourselves in our individual talent and the sharing of that talent with everyone around you.

logo rocket


At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering the best product possible.

logo coctel

Work hard, play hard

We like partying like it’s our job, but also working like it’s a party!

logo tiempo

Own your time

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, get your stuff done on your own time.

logo mar

Office views to the Pacific

No kidding! Our office is at metro Pacífico, only 5 minutes away from the center of Madrid.

logo montañero

International experience

We are an international team that will make anyone feel at home. The world is your oyster!


Meet our team

  • Adrián Heredia
    Adrián Heredia
  • Carol Menezes
    Carol Menezes
    Head of Marketing
  • Michela Paoletti
    Michela Paoletti
    Product Lead
  • Javier Marín
    Javier Marín
    Business Development Manager
  • Marta Giménez
    Marta Giménez
    Marketing Builder
  • Marco Martín
    Marco Martín
  • Andrés Monge
    Andrés Monge
  • Sara De Lorenzo
    Sara De Lorenzo

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