We build startups from the ground up as hands-on co-founders

After validating the business model and finding the problem-solution fit, we build the startup, create the team and generate a smooth connection between the new venture and the corporation.




From market opportunity to value proposition

Which trends are driving consumption? What is the problem to solve in this industry? From this questions, ideas are born. And as user-centric lovers, we run design thinking and creative sessions to start giving them a first business shape. Let’s tackle it.

We find the right startups, cutting-edge technologies, and relevant trends to the innovation goals, providing a strategic and actionable assessment on startup-driven innovation.

Empathise with the target. Understand their needs. Identify the early-adopters. From assumptions to hypothesis, we identify the problem root and reveal the real pain points people are experiencing in order to solve them.

More than generating ideas, we converge them into creative territories and connect to corporate’s mid-long term strategy, creating a fertile portfolio: from low-hanging fruit to breakthrough ideas.

From an opportunity matrix that connects current trends with sector’s value-chain, we run a 3-5 day process to answer business critical questions through design, prototyping, testing and finally pitching a roughly-smart business model.

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From value proposition to validated business models

Build, measure, learn, repeat. Build, measure, learn, repeat. Build, measure, learn, repeat […]. This is what we do until we find the problem-solution fit. You will think it’s magic, but there’s a whole process behind. Find it out.

Our minimum viable products, are minimum but marvellous as well. With just the needed features to validate it with potential early adopters, they provide valuable feedback for product-solution development.

With an user-oriented and market validation approach, the validation loops are the best tool for exploring opportunities rapidly and efficiently, always with a clear purpose behind. Test sooner, learn faster, grow stronger.

Based on the validation loops learnings, we create a flexible building plan which works as a roadmap. It provides a vision to the roughly imperfection of a startup foundation with all the needed steps to build the new venture from the ground up.

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36-45 WEEKS

From MVPs to scalable startups

At the end of the day, Byld exists to build startups. From marketing to business development, from product to business intelligence, we are a part of the team, hands-on co-founders. Also, we shape the team and make it possible to generate a smooth connection between the new venture and the corporation.

With clear metrics, customers and product, it’s time to build. With a Customer Development mindset, now we create the real business and whatever the company requires to get to the next level and start acquiring happy customers.

Since every company is unique and we like to make it “handmade”, we assign internal teams to work in the areas (marketing & sales, operations and product & IT) that still doesn’t have headcount and need attention, filling their gaps.

The main difference between Liquid Building and Interim Management is that we adopt a management role. For instance, we already hired a CEO for the startup but we still don’t have a COO in the organization. Well, we assume that position until it’s necessary. When we incorporate the startup entrepreneurs, we lead a smooth transition between Byld and the startup team, until it becomes fully independent.

Every successful startup is a result of the team involved. We carefully select the profiles that best match with the enterprise goal and hire them one by one so the transition is gradual and fluid, moving on together.

This is key to give sense to our whole model in the long term. To sustain its success, we ensure that the startup maintains its values, culture and essence, making possible that both organisms, startups and corporations, flow in the same direction.

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