We build companies.

Over many years of venture building experience, we have learned that there isn’t a magic formula for business. But we know the steps to be taken in every moment to reduce risks and that’s why we break down our process into 3 main stages: Insights, Labs and Ventures.

Slide Insights We understand the problem, empathise with the customer, dive into the market and define the best opportunities to be validated in Labs. Labs With a "get out of the building" mindset, we validate different MVP's and business models until we find the problem-solution fit. Ventures It's time to build and scale the new venture. From marketing to product to business, we act like the team while we shape it.

Byld Insights.
From market opportunities to value propositions.

Which trends move consumption? What is the greatest challenge in this industry? What is the consumer struggling with and, most importantly, why? By asking these questions, ideas arise. In this stage our aim is to find strategic areas and market niches to develop potential solutions for current and future opportunities in global markets.

Insights are the seed of every innovation initiative and we know that, so we are always creating design thinking dynamics, analytical tools and creative sessions to identify, understand and build new value propositions that capture business opportunities – some of them are:

We help the corporation to better understand and handcraft the briefing in order to identify the real need / pain point and have a clearer scope for the innovation challenge. With this we are able define the consumer profile, some initial product concepts and potential business models.

After having mapped internal ideas and digested internal learnings of the corporation strategy, we converge them into business and creative territories building a framework in which we are able to identify a clear strategy with low-hanging fruits to breakthrough ideas that can come from the corporation or from the outside.

One of our masterpieces. In Discovery we fully immerse ourselves in the problem, opportunities and potential solutions. It’s a divergent and fascinating process where our aim is to extract relevant insights and fruitful data, both qualitative and quantitative, to make decisions with as much information as possible, having a user centric and market perspective approach that combines Design Thinking methodology and Customer Discovery from Lean Startup.

Byld Labs.
From value propositions to validated business models.

In Labs, we transform the market opportunity into a validated business model. How? Getting out of the building and following the lean startup mantra: Build, measure, learn. Build, measure, learn. Build, measure, learn…

Long story short: we do real validation with real people, grounded on a proven, creative and yet scientific methodology. This is what we do until we find the problem-solution fit.

With an user-oriented and market validation approach, our loops are the best way to validate opportunities and hypothesis in a fast and efficient way. To do that, we build experiments, prototypes and MVPs with the necessary functionalities to test our hypothesis with early adopters and improve the solution until we find the problem-solution fit and generate transactions in a scalable model. Test sooner, learn faster, grow stronger.

Based on the insights and knowledge that we extract from our previous work, we feel ourselves legitimated to design a plan. We build a strong roadmap of what the first steps of the new venture should be: the financial plan, operating model, and even the necessary equipment and headcount to carry it out. It provides a vision with the roughly imperfection of a startup foundation with all the needed steps to build the new venture from the ground up.

Byld Ventures.
From MVPs to scale-ups.

At the end of the day, Byld exists to build new ventures. This is what we live for. From marketing to business or product development, we are an active part of the new venture team, acting as hands-on co-founders and sharing risks since the very beginning. Also, we shape the new venture team while generating a smooth connection with the corporation.

In our liquid building process everything flows like water. We become the team of the new venture during the process of shaping it. Acting as hands-on co-founders, we work in both the strategical and the operational level, adapting our resources (Business, Product and Growth teams) to the new venture needs and according to the building plan agreed with the corporation.

This is the most important part of the whole process of building a new venture. As we know You build the people, and the people build the business. To do that, we carefully select the talent who best adapt to the venture’s building plan needs. Our partnerships with universities, business schools, technology centers as well as some owned talent-oriented initiatives that allow us to access top talent and best in class entrepreneurial minds.

This is key to give sense to our whole model in the long term. To sustain its success, we ensure that the new venture maintains its values, culture and essence, making it possible for both organisms to co-exist. This guarantees an ideal fit with the corporation.