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Byld Open I

What do I need in my corporation to implement a CVB model?

Our innovation language

If you made it here is because you’re already in love of corporate innovation just like us! Find here are the words you must be familiar with from now on.


Information collected during the investigations and transformed into knowledge about the subject. It can be used to build Learnings, Top Problems, Top  Opportunities, among others.

Validation Loops

Hypothesis testing period that validates key points of the concept. These have a market validation approach and are user-oriented.



Minimum Critical Unknown Hypothesis.

The most critical unknown hypotheses that can put the concepts being validated at risk. Raised at the beginning of each Loop.

Byld Metric

Allows us to be able to compare different opportunities with different lenses: from a corporate venture building, investor and entrepreneur perspective.


Value Proposition Canvas

Framework that compares the difficulties and needs of the potential user with possible solutions and desired characteristics of the solution.

Learning Goals

At the beginning of each loop of the Validation phase, some learning objectives are set that allow us to structure the experimentation in different territories.

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