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we are Byld

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Slide we E are builders We are here to build, to make an impact and transform the status quo of corporate innovation.

After years of experience following the directions of different innovation models, something in our nature was asking for more. It came to a point where we realized that we could no longer content ourselves within the boundaries of others: we needed to anticipate the future; and for that, we had to create our very own vehicle, one that allowed us to navigate the roads we wanted to take and get to our desired destinations.

Once our model was found under the Corporate Venture Building umbrella our story begun. That is exactly what we do, and from that moment on… it has been a non-stop: we build ventures, grounded and visionary ventures that can actually make an impact and bring innovative solutions to every sector in the global economy.

Slide we E are entre-
No matter how risk takers we may sound, we are everything but naive, and everything we do, is done with the best team and partners. Collaboration and shared risk are a strong part of our foundations, as we believe that the combination of expertise, knowledge and resources is the best way to create real competitive ventures. Aligning the commitment of both corporations and our ventures into a common purpose and boldly merging each one’s competences has become the driving force of our model and the formula for success.

From a solid and lean methodology, Byld is the place where thinking out of the box and daring to risk are fundamental tools for everyday work. We love doing what we do. We practice transparency, common sense and we put a lot of effort in maintaining our culture and strengthening the commitment of our team and partners.

We are here to work hard, together, and devote our efforts to make Corporate Venture Building have a real impact in the world.
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