We are liquid.

We know creating a company is not something you can automate. That’s why we focus on a few projects at a time, being able to dedicate our resources and boost our liquid team to fill the gaps of each venture in three main building blocks: Business, Product and Growth.

We build businesses.

It might sound like an amazing idea, but if there is no market-fit it probably won’t go very far.

The first thing we do, is research. Lots of it. We ask questions, observe, listen and empathise with potential users to identify strategic markets and opportunity areas. Once our assessment is done, we craft a strategy and start designing the new business (from the unique value proposition to the operational plan) – easy, like a Sunday morning.

– Research (On & Off)
– Insights
– Personas
– Design thinking
– Pricing strategy
– Competition analysis
– Concepts creation
– Service design
– Business modelling
– Strategic roadmap
– Business operations
– Financial planning

We craft products.

Design, development and product could be difficult words, as they mean different things depending on the people. For us, product is everything. It’s what you see, but also what happens behind.

With profiles focused on UX, UI, Development and Design, we start designing products to bring it to life so its potential users are able to interact, allowing us to rapidly iterate and improve the solution. We are obsessed with user centered design. Our crafting is based solely and exclusively on making the final result fully user-friendly, with an amazing design and the needed functionalities, focusing on what really brings the most value to the final user.

– User experience
– User interaction
– Product design
– Prototyping & MVPs
– Test A/B
– Brand development
– Tech development
– Human centered design
– Customer journeys
– Product roadmap
– Scrum & agile

We grow ventures.

The time has come! It’s time to scale the venture for the future. At this stage, the main target gets to know the value proposition and, most importantly, start to consume and recommend it. But… how do we do it?!

First, we work hard to reach the most suitable target through the appropriate channels according to solution’s development phase. Also, we make sure we are communicating the right message by different tests and interactions. We do so by following our experience and knowledge, keeping in mind that data shows us the path to follow, but we still need to keep our instincts alive.

– Content strategy
– Growth hacking
– Social ads
– Social networks
– User segmentation
– Test A/B
– Email marketing
– Data analytics
– Business development
– Advocacy & PR
– Go-to-market strategy