We have created a new way of doing innovation. 

By bringing together the best of the entrepreneurial and corporate world plus our liquidity and adaptation capacity, we shape game changers new businesses.

We have created a new way of doing innovation. 

By bringing together the best of the entrepreneurial and corporate world plus our liquidity and adaptation capacity, we shape game changers new businesses.

The Byld way

From the inception of the idea to the new business launch.

Our whole methodology is designed to minimize risks as much as possible. All of the things we build are structured in 3 main phases: Insights, Labs and Ventures.

Byld Insights

Insights are the seed of every innovation initiative.

We start by understanding the problem, empathise with the customer, dive into the market, and define the best opportunities to be validated in Labs. By leading design thinking dynamics, using analytical tools and carrying creative sessions we build new value propositions.

We help the corporation to better understand the real need or pain point and shape a clearer scope for the innovation challenge.

We convert internal learnings into business and creative territories that define the framework in which we are able to identify a clear strategy with low-hanging fruits to breakthrough ideas.

One of our masterpieces. We immerse ourselves in the  problem, opportunities and potential solutions within the market and we make decisions with as much information as possible with a user centric and market approach.

Growth territories
Market discovery
— Problem understanding
Opportunity definition
Implementation / Validation Plans
— Ventures concepts

Find strategic areas to develop potential solutions to current and future opportunities in global markets.

Byld Labs

Transforming  the market opportunity into a validated business model.

Value proposition
Business model validation
Building plan
— Problem / Solution Fit

With a ‘get out of the building’ mindset, we transform value propositions into real businesses with real clients. Long story short: we do real validation with real people, building prototypes and running quick experiments to validate our hypothesis.

With an user-oriented and market validation approach, our loops are the best way to validate opportunities and hypotheses in a fast and efficient way. Test sooner, learn faster, grow stronger.

Based on the insights and knowledge that we extract from our previous work, we proceed to design a plan. We build a strong roadmap of what the first steps of the new venture or business solution should be: the financial plan, operating model, and even the necessary equipment and headcount to carry it out. 

We follow the lean startup mantra: build, measure, learn.

Byld Ventures

Time has come to build and scale.

Now we’re talking. From marketing to product to business, we build the venture, the team and its culture from scratch, acting as hands-on co-founders and assuring its success. 

With a hands-on approach, we work in both the strategic and the operational level, adapting our resources (Business, Product and Growth teams) according to the building plan agreed with the corporation.

There’s a need in all companies of external help at a management level (CxO) to design the culture, hire key positions and define the strategy. We can combine our knowledge of this company with our experience and skills in business to assume this role and be the nexus with the corporation.

Our partnerships with universities, business schools, technology centers as well as some owned talent-oriented initiatives allow us to access top talent and best in class entrepreneurial minds.

To sustain its success and guarantee an ideal fit with the corporation, we ensure that the new venture maintains its values, culture and essence, making it possible for both organisms to co-exist.

Company creation
Team formation
Product development
Interim management
Liquid building
— Product / Market Fit

This is our real passion. We exist to build new ventures with corporations.

We are liquid team

Byld is built to build new businesses and give birth to innovative solutions.

Our liquid team fills the needs of every project we work on. Focusing on a few projects at a time, we are able to dedicate our resources, team and passion through three building blocks: Business, Product, and Growth.

We build businesses

We ask questions, observe, listen and empathise with potential users to identify strategic markets and opportunity areas. Using tools and methodologies such as design thinking, lean startup and customer development, we master the process of building a venture.

We craft products

For us, product is everything. With people and partners focused on UX, UI, design, brand, prototypes & MVPs development, we create products from the conceptualization phase to the “oh my god, that’s awesome” stage.

We grow ventures

It’s time to scale the venture for the future. From content creation to customer acquisition, we take care of everything. Helping the new venture reach the right people, acquire customers fast and cheap and communicate what they do is our obsession.

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