Year 2021, pure adrenalin. Here the long story short.

December 31, 2021

This 2021 we went back to the ring. Wow! How much we needed to see each other again, exchange big laughs and of course work together as a team. Just like the way we used to do it!

We started this year with more energy than ever, facing the post pandemic situation but with a great desire to put our neurons at the service of our partners to help them innovate, transform and grow.

If we had to list the words that defined our year, the winners would undoubtedly be: growth, team, luck, maturity, adrenaline and learning! This is confirmed by having had the opportunity to expand our experience in different sectors and collaborate with new partners.

Regarding our ventures, the achievements have not been long in coming. In the case of Wattson, we have incorporated the new CEO and started fundraising. As you already know, we love challenges, so we embarked also in the process of building a new venture in the Real Estate industry, confirming once more that we are industry agnostic.

But achievements do not come alone. A big applause to our team, or as we like to call them “our rock stars”. They have been the major players and the ones who have made things happen. We are fortunate to have true cracks with profiles as diverse as their countries of origin.

And what about Corporate Venture Building?

Well, in addition to keeping working on our passion; building new businesses with corporations, we have launched two additional business lines that complement our offer.

This is the fourth year of Byld’s operations and we stand at a point where our team is gaining strength and our experience, working in new industries and with new partners, continues to reinforce the importance of incorporating innovation as a fundamental pillar into company strategies.

Now, let’s talk about the milestones for this year 2021

Besides being a year of pure adrenaline, we can say that the process of evangelization about the advantages of the corporate venture building model is bearing fruit. 


  • We have increased our network with 6 new partners.
  • We’ve executed projects from 4 new different industries: Pharma, Circular Economy, Media and Industry 4.0.
  • We’ve launched 2 more business lines.
  • This 2021, is our 4th year of operations.

Celebrating our 4th anniversary


  • We hired 6 new, amazing “rock stars” for our team.
  • We launched the Head of Strategy & Innovations new role.
  • We have new team members from Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.
  • We welcomed our Marketing Lead.

Our most recent signings


  • We hired the CEO of one of our ventures, Wattson.
  • We started building a new venture in the Real Estate industry.
  • We won the Mubil award.
  • We started Wattson fundraising.

Juan Róldan – CEO Wattson


  • We launched our new website. 
  • We run events with leading corporations: Telefonica, Capital Energy, Atresmedia Diversificación, Pascual Innoventures, Nine Point Five. 
  • We appeared in relevant media such as: Sifted, El Referente, El Economista, Startup’s Oasis, Startup info and El Confidencial.
  • We have gained more than 500 followers organically in our networks.

Our people, our brand

With all of these accomplishments, we have nothing to say but thank you! 2021 was good, and we’re positive that 2022 will be even better. We look forward to seeing you for another amazing year!