hero CASE

Alquira. Living the bright side of house rental.

Shaping the future of renting experience and the relation between landlords and tenants in collaboration with major Real Estate stakeholders.

hero CASE

Alquira. Living the bright side of house rental.

Shaping the future of renting experience and the relation between landlords and tenants in collaboration with major Real Estate stakeholders.


Our goal:

Building a new venture that really transforms the renting experience end to end.

Our partners had a dream, they wanted to change how things are done in such a traditional sector. We were eager to understand the entire universe of house rental, stakeholders pains and potential solutions that really make a difference in the industry. This was the challenge we had ahead of us:

How to disrupt the house renting experience for landlords and tenants granting the peace of mind of both parties?

With that mindset, we started to work together according to the process below:


Validation Loops ™

Validating the proposed solution in the market, achieving problem-solution fit.


Building Plan

Structuring the business and defining the roadmap to launch a new venture. 


Making it real

Launching the venture, building up the team and starting the new adventure.


The context in a few words

This case is somehow special since our partner is a Proptech hub formed by 6 of the most powerful Real Estate agencies in Barcelona, which decided to join forces in order to fight against the traditional dynamics of the sector.

After undergoing an exponential technologies course, they all came up with a dream: building the future of house renting. We all started off with a very inspirational high level concept which we needed to ground up and start testing in the market.

Validating business concepts before launching successful businesses is a key driver when implementing our corporate innovation methodology. So let’s get to it!

Stepping into the Validation Loops ™

From a challenge to a validated business

Our Labs phase is divided into Validation Loops. During this project, we carried out 4 different loops that helped us test the concept with the market.

With a user-oriented and market validation approach, our loops are the best way to validate opportunities and hypotheses in a fast and efficient way. Test sooner, learn faster, grow stronger.

12 in-depth interviews with landlords & tenants
6 in-depth interviews with industry experts
+15 competitors benchmarking
2 surveys
Stakeholder & market analysis
— Loop 1

Loop 1

We deep dive in the most relevant pains of all stakeholders (landlords, tenants and other relevant players like industry experts and Real Estate agents) with the aim of defining and testing a preliminary value proposition. Our focus was to have a clear understanding and possible answers regarding the following questions:

What are the most relevant pains?

What are they doing today to solve them?

What do they feel?

How are they?

What do they think about our value proposition?

The relationship between both parties is unbalanced.

Landlords and tenants find no additional value in the current offering and service of Real Estate players.

Many Proptechs focus on solving one pain only, lacking from an end to end solution.

Loop 2

This phase started with the definition of an initial value proposition structured around the insights gathered in the previous phase, and we gave a name to our solution: Alquira.

We are crazy about experimentation, and we like to have a direct impact with the market. This is the reason why we launched a mixed promotional campaign in order to test our potential value propositions. In a few days, we launched an online marketing campaign, obtained our first leads and tested the demand offline, all at the same time. 

Branding 1.0
A/B testing value proposition
+1.000 flyers offline campaign
+ 5 mystery shopping
Validation session with landlords & tenants
—Loop 2
+50 leads – online campaign
MVP 1.0
+8 user tests
Partnerships – BizDev
Business model
— Loop 3

Loop 3

With an initial value proposition tested in the previous loop, it was time to start building a tangible solution that really solved the pains of our potential customers.

We developed a digital transactional MVP which was tested with real users.

We defined the business model that supported our potential solution, scouted and negotiated with key partners.

Loop 4

Once we tested our MVP, it was time to make the most out of it. We rebranded Alquira, developed a Minimum Awesome Product (MAP), launched a two-month online campaign and interacted with our first clients. Validation, validation, validation! That’s our motto.

Branding 2.0
Minimum Awesome Product (MAP)
2-month online campaign
+ 1.000 users registered in the app
Metrics & KPIs
— Loop 4

We gave it a visual identity

Alquira provides peace of mind, simple, transparent and safe home rental experience. We wanted to convey our values to users not only based on their customer experience but the relationship with the brand.

The passport



the building plan

After validating the solution, it’s time to ground it!

Here is where our Building Plan comes into place. We like to say the Building Plan is our path to glory, meaning it is the moment when we stop and digest all the learnings we have acquired during the journey in order to set the foundations of the new venture.

Problem & Opportunity
Market overview
Business model
Operating and product roadmap
Financial model
Team and funding
— Building Plan

Building Plan

Our focus was to wrap up and set the guidelines to launch the new venture to the market. We analysed the business from different perspectives: customer, market, business model, operations, technology, partners, team, financial model, and growth. We shared all the work with our partners at Barcelona!

A pitch deck ready for rock n’ roll.


Meet Alquira

Alquira is a digital platform that manages house rental for both landlords and tenants, digitizing a currently manual process for the whole rental journey and favoring a balanced and transparent relationship between parties. Trust and transparency is built upon a passport and scoring system built based on user’s data (P2P, both tenants and landlords) and the behavior carried out on the platform. This passport is backed up by algorithms and machine learning transforming the way both parts relate to each other and also based on:

Financial perspective

User’s behavior inside the platform

Digital footprint in other platforms

For tenants, Alquira opens a window to a new way of renting a house, putting the user at the center and transforming the experience. With Alquira you’ll find home-related services’ marketplace, savings formulas, digital and reporting of home incidences, and many others.

For landlords, it enables homeowners to professionalize the management of the rented house by making available a toolbox that makes rent management more efficient and easier.

We have already achieved some milestones

Creation of a new independent venture, Alquira

Found our best asset for the project, our CEO, Jaime Aparicio

Started off our Seed round

Want to know more about our very own proptech venture? ✨

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